A Healthy Choice

Air-drying is far superior to cooking in terms of preserving trace vitamins and minerals, these are present in higher concentrations than in raw meat.

Biltong is an excellent low carbohydrate, high protein snack.

There are 204 calories in a 100 grams serving of The Biltong Shop Lean beef biltong.

Active Lifestyles

Biltong is an excellent low carbohydrate, high protein snack, making it perfect for:

Sportsmen and women

High Performance Athletes

Medium biltong has a 80% to 100% higher concentration of protein, fat and calories making it perfect for building muscle and peak performance.

Biltongs High Lean Protein and Low Carbs make it Pure Protein Power!

Add Biltong To Your Diet

Athletes from all sports embrace the biltong shop products as part of their nutritional diet

Biltong has been traditionally used to treat anemia as it is high in iron, it contains no sugar – perfect for diabetics, and it makes a healthy treat in lunch packs – kids love it!

We make Biltong of high quality and freshness and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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